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Vietnam Cashew - This year appears extreme anomaly weather

Date posted : 15:06:19 28-10-2016

Facing serious river bank erosion in An Giang province and major impacts on the entire Mekong Delta region, at the regular government meeting in June 2017 on the afternoon of July 3, Vuong Binh Thanh, Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee, urged the Government to promptly provide assistance to 107 households with landslides in My Hoa Dong and Cho Moi, An Giang province.

According to Thanh, An Giang province has spent about $ 4.8 million to repair the resettlement site for these households. The province is also coordinating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development leveling the first whirlpool with the expense of over 123 billion VND:

"We have worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, we implement the first 70 billion. Ask the Government to make an early decision. At present, An Giang is taking a provision fund of VND40-50 billion.

In the next phase, if not implemented, affected households. Do not handle the embankment initially, the school will slide around 600 children, 10 rooms. Therefore, we urge the Government to resolve this matter soon, "Thanh said.

Online meeting of the Government in June, 2017 (Photo: Quang Hieu / VGP)

Assessing this serious impact, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong said: This year, water is the first factor to organize production. There are three areas: North, Central, South are basically enough water. Vietnam this year is also not extreme extremes and salty as last year. However, this year there is the extreme weather extremes that have never happened before.

According to the Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong, emerged that is the phenomenon of east-northeast deflection and prolonged northeast. It is this factor that causes drizzling rain, continuous rain, unseasonably heavy rains and a great impact on the entire Mekong Delta, South East and Central Highlands of Vietnam, which directly affects the whole Industrial crops, especially the two plants: cashews and flowering coffee from February have been severely affected.

Cuong warned: "The impact of the landslide at a very fast pace of the coast, especially the Mekong Delta, is abnormal.Provinces should review their adaptation capacities in a way that foresees adaptation. This year, according to the registry of the province is 850,000 hectares, an increase of 15,000 over last year. According to weather forecasters, this year, the rain will be early, the flood is higher than two years ago.

Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong proposed to review the entire structure, ensure safety, dykes and systems to organize economic.According to Cuong, last year, An Giang had 33,000 hectares of sticky rice that was very well consumed. But not so subjective, neglect of disaster prevention. If flood early, some areas will be severely damaged.

All lakes of the Central and Central Highlands need to be reviewed before the rainy season. Another note is that the entire Red River Delta is sowing the second crop.

Learned last year, localities need to take biological measures to prevent floods by increasing the density so that when a storm occurs, Seasonal work In the northern mountainous area, Mr. Cuong also paid close attention to the landslide.

For the Mekong Delta, the landslide of two large rivers is the Tien and Hau rivers with 746 km of very serious coastal areas: "In the immediate future, 45 serious landslides are proposed, the ministry also synthesized main report Covered with a total of 2,000 billion.

But here, there are 5 very serious landslides including Vam Nao (An Giang), Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, Ganh Hao, Dong Thap, Thanh Binh, along 30th road. To the foot of Nam Dinh city. This cost is 452 billion VND, expect the Prime Minister to decide soon to ensure the safety of people in these areas. Provinces have also spent less money but not enough capacity. "

Bai, photo: Le Loan

Source: VOH online