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Robusta coffee prices rose to highs of more than 4 years

Date posted : 14:57:01 28-10-2016
Robusta coffee futures prices traded on ICE Date 11/1 rose to its highest level in four and a half years, amid investors' buying amid strengthening the supply is limited. 
Illustration. (Source: Manjushree Plantations)
Meanwhile, the price of cocoa at the lowest level in nearly four years.
Specifically, at the end of the session 11/1 price of Robusta coffee for May delivery 3/2017 increased by 56 USD (2.6%) to 2,218 USD per ton after rising at 2,229 USD per ton , the highest since July 7 / 2012 .
Arabica-coffee futures for March delivery rose 1.3 US cents (0.09%) at 1.49 USD per pound , the highest level since May 11 last year ( 1 pound = 0.454 kg ). 
An investor in London (UK) said that its market value at the peak current, very attractive for coffee producers.
Robusta coffee supply is tight because the harvest is not as expected in Brazil and Indonesia combined with the decline in production in coffee-producing countries leading Vietnam.
In the same session, 11/1 price of cocoa for March delivery in New York fell 80 USD (3.6%) at 2,127 USD per ton , after lowered 2106 USD per ton level lowest since March 3/2013 . 
London cocoa prices also delivered the same period dropped 47 pounds (2.6%) to 1,751 pounds a tonne ./.